If you get an error of `requests.exceptions.SSLError: hostname 'api.oregonstate.edu' doesn't match either of '*.apigee.net' and 'apigee.net'`, it's most likely because the version of Python, Java, Curl, etc you are using doesn't have SNI support. With SNI, an extension of TLS/SSL, multiple HTTPS targets can be served off the same IP address and port without requiring all those targets to use the same certificate. However, not all clients support SNI, specifically for Python, it's supported in 2.x from 2.7.9rc1 and 3.x from 3.2alpha4 (in ssl, urllib[2] and httplib modules).

Please check Apigee SNI support for more details. And for more information on SNI, see SNI Wiki and Server Name Indication.